Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Photography Page!!!

Made a new blog for my work, updated with all my new sessions : ) Maybe some day ill update this blog!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

6 months!!

Stats at 6.5months(we were late to get a appt this month)
15lbs 12oz(10th%)

My boy is getting bigger, and its making me sad. I love watching him grow and do new things, but i kinda want this time to last longer.. Evan is growing so much better these last few months, hes come a long way. He is a very skinny guy but hes healthy looking now... He can sit on his own, has been since he was 5months. He is not crawling yet, but he wants to so bad. He has started pulling himself to his knees in his crib so i think we will have to lower that soon : (  I  think once he starts crawling he will be making mommy a ball of nerves.. Hes SO active, even though he doesn't crawl yet, hes always busy rocking or kicking.. Hes such a happy dude, always has a smile to give..

So i have not done his 6month photoshoot yet, but here are a few of my favs taken over the last few weeks, and a few of the big kids too......

Friday, January 20, 2012

4 months!

12lbs 2z(5th%)
25ins(60th%,i think)

Evan is still a tiny dude. He actually LOST weight in the last 2 1/2weeks. Im a bit worried about that, but other than his weight hes perfect!! He is a sweet little guy, and loves people talking to him.. He rolled over once last week, and hes getting close to sitting on his own. His favoite thing to do is stand! Hes just like Logan was.. We love our little guy and im so blessed to have my 3 beautiful babies!!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

3months/New House

10lbs 8oz

Evan is doing well! Hes a tiny little guy, and is now on a higher calorie count formula to put some meat on his bones.. But other than his weight issues he is great.. He smiles more and more every day. And just in the last day he has started to "talk" and even a few little laughs, which are just the cutest!! He love to sit up and stand just like Logan did. I'm anxious to see if he is a fast mover like Logan was too.. He hates tummy time, prob because his tummy is so sensitive, and he still is spiting up a lot.. He loves watching his siblings play and loves to be held by his mommy : )

In other news, we bought our first house!!!!!!!!! We closed after 6 crazy months, and LOTS of frustration.. I had to move into a hotel in the end and move our things into a storage unit. But we are in the house and slowly getting settled..

Well here are some more pics of my little Evan : )

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2 months!!!!!!

10lbs 2oz

My sweetness is doing well! He has to go back for a follow up appt in a few weeks, to see how his weight is and some other issues. But overall he is doing great. He loves to sit up and look around and he also loves to stand, already.. Hes not the happiest baby, but thats all right i still love him, hehe...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Evan Lucas Shaffer

September 15, 2011

  I arrived at the hospital for my induction at 530am on sept 15th. Was brought straight back to my room to get prepped and to do all the paperwork etc... The doctor came in and did a cervical check and a quick u/s to see what kind of induction method would be best.. At that time( about 6-630am) i was 2cm and about 60% effaced but my cervix was still fairly firm.. The doctor had decided that a quarter dose of cytotec(a med used to help ripen the cervix) i s what we would start with. The pill would be inserted and after 2 hour i would be checked and either do another dose or start pitocen and a Foley bulb... So fast forward to about 830 and the cytotec was inserted. I had to lay down for the first hour, and then would be  allowed to get up and walk if i wanted.. Well within that hour my contractions started. They were not very strong at that point but i was feeling them.. I got up at about 930 and  sat in the rocking chair in the room. I sat there and rocked for about 30mins when i felt a gush. Yep water  broke.! The nurse was surprised as thing were defiantly progressing with very little medical intervention.. I continued to labor in the chair and my waters also continued to break.. (this is where time got very blurry) I think at about 11ish i got back in bed.  My contractions started to pick up and were 2mins apart at this point. The doctor came in at some point to check me and i think i was about a 5, not sure.. So labor was defiantly in full swing and i did not need any other help(like pitocen, YEA) At some point(maybe 12ish) a nurse(she was not my main nurse) rushed in and told me to turn to my side and put on a oxygen mask, baby's hear rate was dropping.. She was very frantic about it all but after a few mins thin calmed down fort a bit anyways.. I was in extreme pain by this point, and questioning if i could do this naturally.. Baby didn't seem to be tolerating the contractions well at all. I was on oxygen for this whole time. I think it was 1ish when i finally  broke down and got my epidural, i just could not do it any longer(i was 7cm when i got the epi. I was having back labor and baby was posterior.. I got my epi fairly quickly and it was a million times better than it was with Logan.. Soon after getting my epi, baby's heart rate was looking worse  and not coming back up. So the nurses had to give me a shot to slow down my contractions.. That seemed to help, thank goodness... I'm clueless to what time it is at this point. I just know the nurses where in and out trying to get a reading on baby, but having a hard time. So they decided to put a internal monitor on his head(now this may have happened  before i got that shot of meds, i really cant remember. Ya i was that out of it).. So some time passed and i was ready to push this baby out.. I had 3 nurses and  2 doctors in the room for delivery. As they where worried he was very large, and needed to be there to assist if he got stuck. I was warned as to what may happen if he got stuck, and it really freaked me out.. I ended up only pushing through 3 contractions, so about 5mins.. And out came my baby boy.. They whisked him  over to the table to make sure he was okay since he looked so bad during labor.. They doc said it looked like he was compressing his cord.. I didn't get to see him for about 15mins, while they did all they needed to do.. My little poop machine, pooped 3 times right after birth, and hasn't stoped since, ha ha... When it was time to get his weight all the nurses and doctors gathered around for the big reveal(everyone thought this boy was gonna be huge like 9-10lbs).. Well he wasn't huge at all, not tiny but just PERFECT! After that i got to hold my sweet boy and we named him...

As of today we are doing well!! Evan ended up losing 20oz(went down to 7lbs2oz) of his birth weight(13%) and was back to his birth weight at 2weeks1day .. He is a tall skinny boy! He is a pretty very easy going little guy.. I'm doing well too. It took just over a week to recover, but I'm feeling good now.. I struggled emotionally, it was really hard the first 2weeks for me.

If there are any typos in this(which im sure there are), just remember i have a newborn, hehe...

Last belly pic, 39weeks
first born

                                                                               1day old

4days old


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Come on Baby, and Gestational Diabetes...

I have one lazy and stubborn baby boy.. I have now had 2 anatomy ultrasounds and still have not been able to check everything.. I cant lie that im a tad worried something may be wrong with his heart since thats the organ that we cant see.. I know if there is a problem we will get through it, but i just want to know if my baby boy is 100% healthy.. SO i need lots of positive thoughts that baby will COPPER ATE at my next ultrasound on Tuesday..

I also have gestational Diabetes again, which is totally fine with me.. I did really well with managing it with Logan so i know i can do it again.. And so far i have not had to change my diet at all.. Well since i got preggo i had changed my diet a bit, just due to having major food aversions.. So far all is well, and i can still eat my sweets(even though i really dont eat them much) I have LOST 4lbs since the beginning of this pregnancy, which is awesome since i started off the heaviest i have ever been : (  But anyhow, other than that pregnancy wise. Im feeling better, sick some days but really not bad.. Im feeling him move more and more everyday which is just the most AMAZING feeling......

What else is going on with us.. Coreys been gone for a few weeks and we be back in a month. Hes just in New Jersey for training. I have had some really rough days,but trying to push through.... Logan turned 2 on the 11th, and im still wondering how the heck that happened.. I swear he was just born.... Hes also getting more and more interested with baby. I told him that baby is "cooking" so he will touch my belly and say Baby Cooking, haha...  Hannahs doing well.. She is talking more about the baby and doesnt seem to be as upset about having another brother.. She FINALLY graduates kindergarten on the 3rd, and i couldnt be more proud..

And for your viewing pleasure a pic from last week at 21weeks(im now 22weeks) Still not showing, but thats normal for me....